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Five Explainer Videos Every Nonprofit Could Use

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Explainer Videos first and foremost do just that… explain things. But that’s not all they do. These magical little packages explain, persuade, engage, delight, convince, encourage, connect, and create crucial “aha!” moments. And these moments of clarity or new understanding drive people to act.

If you are managing a nonprofit, you need to be able to do more than just explain. You need to transform that newly gained knowledge into action. Most nonprofit organizations play many roles in a community, and have many internal functions. Explainer videos can support a number of roles and functions because they do more than just explain… they transform the way people understand things and drive meaningful action.

Here are the five explainer videos that every nonprofit organization could use.

The Fundraising Video

An explainer video asking for donations. Widely shareable, these videos can go out to your supporters quickly and en masse. You can use visual representations to show the impact of a donation. And you can tell compelling stories that tug at your donors’ emotions, opening up their hearts (and wallets).

The Recruitment Video

Rely on volunteers? An explainer video can break down the role, set expectations, and show potential volunteers what’s in it for them (like…it feels good to help people!).

The Training Video

And once you have those volunteers… or new staff people… you need to train them. Video-based Learning is a huge trend in workplace training right now, and that’s because it works. Videos are digestible, easy to follow, and memorable. Training new recruits on procedures, expectations, and everything they need to know to do the job well and represent your organization, is easy with explainer videos.

The Outreach Video

Perhaps your organization is more focused on sharing an important message or resource with the community. Getting your message out there, to the right people, can be a challenge. Using targeted email, social media, and other digital strategies, you can share your explainer video with the right people. And a good explainer video will effectively educate your audience and provide them the information they need. Mission accomplished.

The Political Action Video

Sign a petition. Call your legislator. These are a few of the powerful Call-to-Actions you might consider if you are advocating for policy. An explainer video can break down the issue, explain your position, and advocate for action. You can create one quickly to meet the moment, and create multiple versions with different asks.

No two nonprofits are the same, just as no two explainer videos are the same. Your organization might not need all five of these types of videos, and that will depend on your priorities, goals, and mission. We have seen explainer videos work for hundreds of nonprofits in pretty much every imaginable way. Whatever your unique goals, there’s a unique explainer animation to match, just waiting to be brought to life.