Center for the Study of Social Policy

Project Brief

The Center for the Study of Social Policy knows that investing in young people is investing in their power. At the launch of their Youth Thrive program, they wanted to create a series of videos that helped adults and community members change their thinking about young people’s potential and encourage them to get involved with Youth Thrive.

The introductory video above sets the stage by creating an overview of Youth Thrive and why it’s important. Two additional videos in the series dig into more granular details by describing both the ‘why’ behind the CSSP’s mission, as well as the detailed breakdown of Youth Thrive’s 5 Protective and Promotive Factors.

Click play to see the other two videos in this project with the Center for the Study of Social Policy.

To cover their goals in an effective way, the Center for the Study of Social Policy opted to create a series of videos about Youth Thrive.

In a video series, the viewer has control over the pacing, giving flexibility to the viewing experience. Small breaks between videos allow the information to sink in. Even better, each video can have its own big idea and storytelling arc. 

Video series are excellent options for internal training, product launches, and community outreach – anything with multiple important pieces that work in unison to make a whole. 

When each piece of the puzzle has its own powerful emotional impact, you’ll find that your idea is worth more than the sum of its parts. Not sure if you need a series? Read our blog post about that here.

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