This is More Than an Annual Report

It’s a story about where you’ve come from

and your organization’s vision for the future.

Engaging, meaningful ways to convey your impact




You want to show the impact you’ve made this year and every year, but it can be difficult. You’re up against some unique challenges:

  • The information you’re sharing is complex.
  • Some people find data boring. Others live for it.
  • You’re communicating across cultures, communities, and generations.
  • You need to stand out in a sea of organizations––sometimes with remarkably similar names.

We work with your team to share your story in an engaging, meaningful way.

With humor or gravity, we bring the emotional impact of your work to the data.


Our Approach:

  • Discovery call to find the emotional core of your story and the most important data
  • Two to Four page PDF
  • Ninety second accompanying animation

Why Should You Get One?

Grow your fundraising channels

Build capacity

Show what you do across multiple platforms

Share your story


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