Nonprofit Video Production

Creating Fast, Fun Explainer Videos and Animations That Lead to Action. Let Us Tell Your Story So You Can Focus On Changing the World.

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Nonprofits deal in the business of changing the world.

Capture the emotional core of your message with an engaging and persuasive explainer animation.

Animation clarifies your mission.

If you work for a nonprofit’s communication or fundraising department, you know how important storytelling is.

Working with a nonprofit video production company ensures your story is told clearly, quickly, and with authenticity. Our videos are professional and polished, and place heart and humanity front and center.

Animated videos are an easy-to-update and widely shareable tool. Nonprofits can use explainer animations for events, community outreach, staff/volunteer training, and fundraising campaigns. No matter your organization’s goals, animated explainer videos can support and elevate your work.

Check out some of our Explainer Videos for Nonprofits below:

A still from DKT International's Live Action/Mixed Media explainer video; the DKT logo is superimposed over a live action shot of a pamphlet being read

DKT International

A still from the Whiteboard Explainer Video for SCO Services: two hand-drawn whiteboard scenes are features, two caregivers with their children smiling and playing. it reads 'When we See the world through their eyes, it's more fun for us too!"

SCO Family of Services

A screenshot from the 2D Animation created by Next Day Animations for the DC Central Kitchen. An animated character in volunteering outfit with DC Central Kitchen logo stands atop a mountain of carrots, triumphantly

DC Central Kitchen

A still from Covenant House's Whiteboard Animated Explainer Video; a smiling young man enjoys hobbies

Covenant House

A still from Free the Work's Explainer Animation; in a 2D Animated Style, a colorful map of the United States is scene filled with film strips representing video production across the nation


an illustration of a paintbrush and palette

Custom Illustration

Microphone icon

Professional Voiceover

Checklist and pencil icon

Original Scripting

What Can a Nonprofit Explainer Video or Animation Do For You?

Tell Your Story

Humans crave compelling, moving stories. With quality video production for nonprofits, we can turn your mission into an inspiring narrative. Our videos encourage your audience to do more than lean forward in their seats. They will stand up and act, supporting your organization to make a genuine difference.

Clarify Your Mission

Animated nonprofit videos express your complex mission in a compact, easily digestible package. With our one to three-minute videos, we distill the essence of your organization’s goals and challenges, allowing your organization’s unique voice to shine through.

Make a Human Connection

When you work with Next Day Animations to create nonprofit fundraising videos, we will meet you where you are to tell your unique story as clearly as possible. Together, we’ll craft a compelling video that connects with your audience at an emotional, human level.

Produce Measurable Results

Integrate your video strategy into your big-picture, measurable goals. Animated videos for nonprofits can support fundraising, recruitment, advocacy, and more. Track the effect of each video or animation and watch your impact grow.

A young girl reads, smiling, on a big love seat; simple digital drawing

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