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Experience the Power of Video for Visual Storytelling. Create Lasting Impressions and Unmatched Viewer Engagement While Letting Your Message Shine.

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Our animations empower your message. They are used for everything from corporate employee conferences to product explainer videos to nonprofit advocacy initiatives.

Imagine launching a website or running a training session with just static content. Now imagine a multilayered experience with engaging product video production to support it. That is the power of our animated video production services. Engagement starts with engaging content.

Let your message come to life.

The changing nature of how audiences consume media means traditional methods are no longer as effective as they once were.

In a world where attention spans are fleeting, the art of storytelling has found a new ally – video. Our services transcend the ordinary. They offer a dynamic platform to share your message, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impression.

From concept to execution, we bring your message into focus with our video production services. We bring a wealth of creativity, expertise, and cutting-edge technology to every project, and we always work to ensure your message not only reaches but resonates with its intended audience.

The effectiveness of video for reaching your goals

Traditional sales and marketing works on the assumption of an engaged audience. But this assumes a lot. And it sometimes misses the mark that video can hit dead on.

Webpages and one sheets are great for certain purposes. But there is just something special about video. It can swell the emotions, stir your audience, and inspire action. A video can show who you are, what your company can achieve, and why your audience should care

There is nothing generic about video engagement. Where email and one sheets are passive content, video creates direct, emotional connections. And its shareable nature allows your message to be spread quickly and across platforms. Add to this video’s low competition and you have a recipe for success. Truly, video is all about maximizing reach. 

Your organization is unique, and your video production should be too.

Our full service video production services are about developing unique videos tailored to your business’s identity, goals, and message. We can help you build that all-important cohesive campaign. Discover our tailored professional video production services and we’re confident you’ll reap the rewards.

Our outstanding process

Every project we undertake at our video production agency starts with coming to understand your business. And we’ve built a video process that ensures accuracy at every step of the way:

  • Step #1: Discovery/Scripting – We get up to speed on your product or service, your target audience, and more on our kickoff call, and deliver you a persuasive script
  • Step #2: Production – Once we’ve nailed the messaging, we begin on your video’s animation and production. This is the stage when our full team of professional animators, voice actors, and producers are hard at work making something incredible.
  • Step #3: Revisions – We never expect the first draft to be the final draft. During this step, we’ll work with you to ensure your marketing video is exactly as you want it to be.
  • Step #4: Final File Delivery – Once your video is perfect, we’ll give you a high quality video file that can be used anywhere you like!

Our process really is that simple. If you want a more detailed insight into how we create such brand-aligned marketing animations, check out our explainer video guide from our blog.

Our body of work

A still from DKT International's Live Action/Mixed Media explainer video; the DKT logo is superimposed over a live action shot of a pamphlet being read

DKT International

A still from the Whiteboard Explainer Video for SCO Services: two hand-drawn whiteboard scenes are features, two caregivers with their children smiling and playing. it reads 'When we See the world through their eyes, it's more fun for us too!"

SCO Family of Services

A screenshot from the 2D Animation created by Next Day Animations for the DC Central Kitchen. An animated character in volunteering outfit with DC Central Kitchen logo stands atop a mountain of carrots, triumphantly

DC Central Kitchen

A still from Schenck School's Live Action/Mixed Media explainer video; Dr. Kara A Loftin is interviewed while small animations of children pop up in bubbles besides her

Schenck School

These selections are but a taste of what we can do. Our portfolio covers nearly every vertical, including healthcare, corporate clients, tech, and more. As much as we love partnering with clients in our wheelhouse, we also love working on projects in new subject matters and industries.

We have created winning animations, videos, and graphics for multitudes of clients for use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Our creations have been used as standalone content and as part of larger content campaigns. And each has been made with the pride in our process that works.

Like what you see? Truly, our animated video production services are in a class alone. Contact us today to get started sharing your idea with video.

The whole package.

We are a full-service video production company. Our team is stocked with the best in the industry:

  • In-house scriptwriters who are masters at a turn-of-phrase
  • Custom animators who can pivot from one style to the next with ease
  • Dedicated producers who shepherd our clients’ projects from daydream to finished content
  • And much more.

Being a full service video production company also means that, should you need it, you get more that just impossibly quick videos. Pre-production work to video post production services are all on the table. Check out some of our complimentary services:

an illustration of a paintbrush and palette

Custom Illustration

Microphone icon

Professional Voiceover

Checklist and pencil icon

Original Scripting

If you need full-service creative or just need a great video done fast, we’re equipped to serve you. Contact us today to get started sharing your idea with video.

Hear directly from our customers about real experiences on real full service video production projects:

Credit where credit is due.

We know our video production company is a great place to collaborate and create. Here are just a few of the many awards we’ve garnered that say as much:

A young girl reads, smiling, on a big love seat; simple digital drawing

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