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Need an amazing animation, fast?

Our mission is to help organizations and amazing brands communicate complex ideas quickly in a way that’s engaging and fun.

Our award-winning animation team is made up of smart, talented and remarkably nice people. We are expert animators, voiceover actors and illustrators located across the U.S. with offices in Baltimore, MD and Minneapolis, MN.

Explainer animations are increasingly recognized as one of the best ways to communicate, allowing your audience to absorb your message through visuals, sound and text simultaneously.

We make exceptional explainer animation videos for all your company communication needs. Our animations are used for everything from corporate employee conferences and training sessions to start-up website explainer videos.

Need an amazing animation, fast? Call us at (202) 747-0404.


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As an organization, we strive to make positive change in our communities and the world. In 2016, we launched the Illustrating Awesomeness Scholarship and Animations to Change the World Grant. Check out our social responsibility scorecard for some of the ways we measure our impact.

Next Day Animations is a brand of Simplicity Works Benefit LLC which works to find ways to communicate complex ideas quickly. The company is owned by Jesse Austell and Caitlin Rogers.