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Why Work With Next Day Animations On Your Animated Explainer Video?

You have an important idea to share, and need to share it in a way that’s quick, memorable, and engaging. Explainer animations communicate big ideas clearly – with content that is professional, effective, and, above all else, impactful.

No matter your product, service, or idea that needs explaining, we can create an engaging animation to clarify and communicate your message. Partner with us to unlock the power of a video animation company that creates incredible content to meet your communication needs.

A Team You Can Trust

Keep your messaging laser-focused and always on brand by working with a team that takes the time necessary to understand your industry, no matter how complex.

Videos That Impact

Win customers, educate employees, and inspire action with dynamic animated and branded videos crafted by the best animation company to engage your audience from start to finish.


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Lighting-Fast Production

Never worry about a missed deadline again. Our streamlined explainer video production process can deliver your video in as little as 3 days. We recommend our standard process of 4-6 weeks.


Our Clients

We have worked with hundreds of clients across dozens of industries, including healthcare, nonprofit, tech, manufacturing, and more. Here are some of the happy clients who have leveraged our animated explainer videos:

Our Work

Our projects have been used for social media, PSAs, corporate events, internal communication, advocacy campaigns, digital marketing, and more. Check out our latest and greatest video marketing projects.

A screenshot from the 2D Animation created by Next Day Animations for the TIAA. Three checklist icons on a rich blue background, beneath them captions that say "plan for income retirement, take vitamins and buy groceries"

The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association

A still from DKT International's Live Action/Mixed Media explainer video; the DKT logo is superimposed over a live action shot of a pamphlet being read

DKT International

A screenshot from the US Chamber of Commerce explainer animation by Next Day Animations; features a hand drawing on a whiteboard and a cycle that says the words 'innovation, jobs, stronger economy, investing"

US Federal Chamber of Commerce

A still from the DC Central Kitchen training video; it features a branded DCCK hat and a hairnet as examples of proper haircoverings

DC Central Kitchen

Securian Brand Standards

A screenshot from Next Day Animations explainer video for IHG Garner hotels. an image of the hotel is beside the Garner logo.

IHG Garner

American Kidney Fund: Kidney Kitchen Series


Action Aid

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Our Guiding Principles

As a Certified B Corp and Great Place to Work, we care about the work we do and how we do it. We partner with organizations to help make an impact, communicate big ideas, and have fun doing it. As the best animation production company in a crowded market, we do everything we can to deliver the very best for our clients.

Our Process

New to partnering with an explainer video company? Wondering what it’s like to work with us? Watch to learn the ins and outs of working with one of the best animation companies out there.

Our Styles

What can we animate for you? We have several animation styles to choose from. Watch this video to find out the many kinds of animated explainer videos we specialize in.

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