Explainer Animations for Healthcare

Visualize Health Solutions: Guide Your Audience through Complex Healthcare Concepts with Engaging Explainer Animations. Making Medical Information Clear, Accessible, and Empowering.

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Clarify and connect: with patients, providers and more.

Explaining topics related to our health can be challenging. Video can help bridge the gap.

Healthcare and video go hand-in-hand.

Every patient, every caregiver, every healthcare professional has a story to tell.

Partnering with a healthcare video production company ensures your most important messages are conveyed with clarity, speed and authenticity. Our healthcare videos are thoughtfully crafted to blend professionalism with warmth and clarity.

Animated videos emerge as a versatile and easily distributable resource for the healthcare industry: employ videos for community engagement, staff and volunteer training, fundraising endeavors, and patient communication. Regardless of your healthcare organization’s objectives, animated explainer videos offer steadfast support and enhance the impact of your initiatives.

Check out some of our healthcare explainer videos below:


American Kidney Fund: Kidney Kitchen Series

A still from the Grady Health video; in a 2D animated style, two healthcare workers converse

Grady Health Training Module

A still from Mesa Labs' video; a scientist looks into a microscope while spore samples sit beside her; 2D Vector animation

Mesa Labs

American Kidney Fund

A still from the Arthritis Foundation 2D Video; it features a woman drawn in a custom 2D style, holding her wrist in pain and wondering "what ARE biosimilars?"

Arthritis Foundation

an illustration of a paintbrush and palette

Custom Illustration

Microphone icon

Professional Voiceover

Checklist and pencil icon

Original Scripting

What Can a Healthcare Explainer Video or Animation Do For You?

Illuminate What’s Important

Through expert healthcare video production, we transform your message into a narrative that resonates deeply. Our animations for healthcare don’t just inform; they inspire action, empowering your audience to engage with your initiatives in meaningful ways.

Clarify Complexity

In the intricate landscape of healthcare, clarity is paramount. Our animated healthcare videos, crafted with precision and care, distill the intricacies of your organization’s objectives into concise, easy-to-understand videos. Whether it’s explaining medical procedures, highlighting public health campaigns, or advocating for healthcare access, we bring clarity to your message and move your audience into action.

Forge Human Connection

At Next Day Animations, we understand the importance of human connection in healthcare communication. We collaborate closely throughout the video production process to understand your authentic voice. By sharing genuine stories of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, we create connections that drive engagement and foster trust.

Achieve Tangible Impact

Integrate our animated videos for healthcare into your strategic goals for measurable outcomes. From patient education to fundraising efforts, our versatile healthcare video production supports a range of objectives. Track the effectiveness of each animation and witness the tangible impact they have on your healthcare initiatives.

A young girl reads, smiling, on a big love seat; simple digital drawing

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