Spokesperson and Talking Head Videos

Blending Engaging Characters and Dynamic Animation to Move Audiences into Action:

Elevate Your Message with Talking Head and Spokesperson Videos

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Perfect for businesses looking to engage their audience with a personal touch, Talking Head and Spokesperson Videos are designed to captivate, and convert.

A Talking Head Videeo features a central figure enhanced by our custom animations, bringing your message and brand to life. Consider live footage, an animated spokesperson, or even a hybrid interview style by exploring our options below for spokesperson video services.

Interview Style Video Production

Capture authentic conversations with our Interview Style videos. Featuring real people in a dynamic, conversational format, these videos bring a genuine touch to your message. Ideal for testimonials, case studies, and expert interviews, they make your audience feel like they’re part of the discussion.

In this example with the Schenck School, we blended animation with live footage to transform what could’ve been a mundane staffing update into a thrilling, delightful opportunity to connect with the school community. See more from this project here.

Spokesperson Video Production

Our Spokesperson videos pairs a charismatic, live-action speaker front and center, speaking directly to your audience. Perfect for crowdfunding campaigns, humorous brands, training content, and product launches, these videos inject personality and drive engagement. Your video spokesperson delivers your message with a direct approach that’s both personal and persuasive.

For this project with DC Central Kitchen, we leveraged footage of a crucial community leader to introduce a series of animated best practices and procedures for volunteers.  See more from this project here.

Talking Head Video Production

Talking Head videos focus on a single subject addressing the camera, creating a face-to-face experience for your viewers. This straightforward and personal style is perfect for delivering clear, concise information. Whether it’s for educational content, internal communications, or thought leadership, our Talking Head videos make your message resonate.


Check out additional styles offered by our studio below:

A still from the Whiteboard Explainer Video for SCO Services: two hand-drawn whiteboard scenes are features, two caregivers with their children smiling and playing. it reads 'When we See the world through their eyes, it's more fun for us too!"

SCO Family of Services

A screenshot from the 2D Animation created by Next Day Animations for the TIAA. TIAA logo and a call to action URL on a blank white screen.

The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association

A still from Covenant House's Whiteboard Animated Explainer Video; a smiling young man enjoys hobbies

Covenant House

A still from an explainer video

Securian Brand Standards

an illustration of a paintbrush and palette

Custom Illustration

Microphone icon

Professional Voiceover

Checklist and pencil icon

Original Scripting

What is a Talking Head Video?

Tell Your Story with Talking Head and Spokesperson Videos

Our Talking Head Videos are designed to cut through the noise, delivering your message with clarity and impact. By combining engaging live spokesperson video footage with custom animations, we create compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.

Elevate Your Brand

Harness the power of animation to infuse your content with branded characters, colors, logos, and more. Whether you’re explaining a product, training your team, or launching a new campaign, our videos make your communication personal and memorable.

Connect with Your Audience

Our video spokesperson services are designed to forge a strong connection with your audience. By featuring a charismatic figurehead who speaks directly to the camera, we create a face-to-face experience that fosters trust and engagement. Whether it’s a humorous brand message or a serious corporate announcement, our spokesperson videos hit the mark.

How Spokesperson Videos Convert Your Audience

Incorporate talking head videos and spokesperson video strategies into your broader marketing goals to drive measurable results. From increasing brand awareness to boosting conversions, our videos are crafted to support your objectives. Track the performance of each video and see the tangible impact on your business.

A young girl reads, smiling, on a big love seat; simple digital drawing

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