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Crafted for Maximum Appeal and Viewer Responsiveness, Our Animations Bring Your Ideas to Life. Transform Concepts into Impactful Narratives with a Dynamic Whiteboard Video

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Our animations can help shine a light on your organization, product, or service. They are used for everything from training sessions to product explainer videos and digital marketing.

With a short whiteboard animation, even the most complex concepts can be understood with ease.

  • Promote your product to your target audience
  • Share your mission or brand story with your followers
  • Discuss the many ways your services can benefit your customers.

With whiteboard animation services from Next Day Animations, we bring your Big Idea to life. Get started on your whiteboard animation today.

Delight your audience with animation.

With their charming, classic style, whiteboard animations are great for communicating complex ideas quickly. These 1-3 minute long videos are approachable, eye-catching, and, above all else, engaging.

With animation, you have an easy-to-update and widely distributable tool. Leverage it for whatever it is you need to share with your audience. Consider using animation for pitch decks, gala events, or fundraising campaigns.

We Have Worked With Some of the Biggest Names Across Industries:

Our Outstanding Process:

Every whiteboard animation explainer video we create follows the same winning process we’ve perfected over the years. We find that with the right combination of talent and operations, anything is possible. Even the most complex whiteboard animation explainer video can be done quickly and successfully.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Step #1: Discovery/Scripting – We get to know your business and your target audience. Then we get to work on a script you’ll love.
  • Step #2: Production – Once you say the script is final, production begins. This is when our team of whiteboard animators, voice actors, and producers get to work.
  • Step #3: Revisions – We’ve built an iterative revision process into our projects. Only once you love the work do we consider it final.
  • Step #4: Final File Delivery – Once complete, we’ll give you a high quality video file that can be uploaded anywhere you like.

We manage every whiteboard animation project with the same best practices we offer all of our clients. Namely:

  1. Using the neuroscience of whiteboard animation to drive engagement and memorability
  2. Custom animated characters, scripts, and voiceover – no stock content here
  3. Versatile end products – videos that are flexible, efficient, easily altered, and shareable across platforms.

With our whiteboard animation services, you will be able to truly reach your audience, communicate your main points quickly in a way that sticks, and create engaging branded content that works with your campaign strategy.

Our Body of Work:

We pride ourselves on our ability to partner with organizations across industries and create stunning whiteboard animations about any topic. Our portfolio represents work from nearly every business vertical, including healthcare, corporate, tech, and much more. And we’re constantly evolving, rolling out winning whiteboard animation services for new clients, industries, and subjects all the time.

Like what you see? There’s no denying our whiteboard animation video services are second to none. Contact us today to launch your next whiteboard animation.

A still from the Whiteboard Explainer Video for SCO Services: two hand-drawn whiteboard scenes are features, two caregivers with their children smiling and playing. it reads 'When we See the world through their eyes, it's more fun for us too!"

SCO Family of Services

Action Aid

A still from Covenant House's Whiteboard Animated Explainer Video; a smiling young man enjoys hobbies

Covenant House

Guide Dogs For the Blind

A screenshot from the US Chamber of Commerce explainer animation by Next Day Animations; features a hand drawing on a whiteboard and a cycle that says the words 'innovation, jobs, stronger economy, investing"

US Federal Chamber of Commerce

A screenshot from the Whiteboard Animation created by Next Day Animations for the Greenlight Fund. A handful of small community based drawings surround a chart that represents the GreenLight Funding Method

Greenlight Fund

The Whole Package:

Our services don’t stop just at our whiteboard animation services. We are a true full-service video production company. That means we can offer thorough video solutions staffed by some of the best video specialists in the business:

  • In-house writers who can craft a winning message for you
  • Custom vector and whiteboard animators who are masters of their craft
  • Tireless video editors and producers who get our clients’ work across the finish line every time

Every video production project includes the following services:

an illustration of a paintbrush and palette

Custom Illustration

Microphone icon

Professional Voiceover

Checklist and pencil icon

Original Scripting

If you need just a single animation or a full campaign’s worth, Next Day Animations is ready. Trust our whiteboard animation company to support you through the production process. We know you’ll love your finished product.

Client Testimonials:

Hear directly from our whiteboard animation video company’s clients about their project experiences:

Credit Where Credit is Due:

We know our whiteboard animation video company stands for excellence and integrity. Here are just a few of the awards we’ve won that say as much:

A young girl reads, smiling, on a big love seat; simple digital drawing

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