Covenant House

A still from the 'Free the Work' animated explainer video created by Next Day Animations


A still from the Bernheim Forest Video; a group walks together among the woods of the forest

Bernheim: Forests Under Threat

Still from Grady Health's training module; a doctor sits with a supervisor in a glass office, having a conversation. 2D Vector style animation.

Grady Health Training Module

Ednovate Charter Schools

Efficiency Vermont

Guide Dogs For the Blind

Common Justice

A screenshot from AARP's video; a digital drawing of AARP employees standing together


A still from the Generations Ashe video; a diverse community of Generations Ashe members stand together

Generations Ashe

A still from Mesa Labs' video; a scientist looks into a microscope while spore samples sit beside her; 2D Vector animation

Mesa Labs

American Kidney Fund

A still from MEA Energy's video; shows a screenshot of their EnergyU platform.

MEA Energy

A still from the video created with Monterey Mushrooms; a group of employees stand together with the Monterey Mushrooms logo

Monterey Mushrooms

Action Aid

A still from the Arc of San Diego whiteboard video.

the Arc of San Diego

A screenshot from Home Depot's video; a digital drawing of a woman in construction uniform; the Home Depot ProXtra logo

Home Depot

Special Olympics

A screenshot from the Imagine LA video - a picture of a happy family smiles, surrounding them, key resources are written out in bubbles. "Home" "Jobs" "Childcare" "Healthcare" "Food"

Imagine LA

National Council of Urban Indian Health

A still from PA Foundation's video; two people ride bikes together

PA Foundation


AIDS Delaware

Screenshot from the White Ribbon Alliance video featuring someone using an app on their phone

White Ribbon Alliance

United Way of Connecticut

a still from Russel Sigler's video; two people stand together happily in front of a VRF installation

Russel Sigler, Inc.

A still from the Clark Pacific video; two characters view a web page together, assessing different building facade styles

Clark Pacific

Center for the Study of Social Policy

Volunteers of America Minnesota

United Way


On Something – Colorado Public Radio

Noble Network of Charter Schools

Green America

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