Nonprofit Grant Graphic: Text, in a playful handwritten font, reads 'Animations to Change the World' 'Nonprofit Grant'. The NDA Logo rests beneath the title among a multitude of doodles and digital art including toy cars, teddy bears, coffee cups, hearts and light bulbs.

Cost shouldn’t prohibit change.

Each year, our nonprofit grant awards two explainer videos with the hope of amplifying an important cause that may not be getting it’s fair share of air time.

Why? Because we love working with organizations who are changing the world.

Know a 501(c)(3) with a big idea that needs explaining? Learn more below!

Check out this playlist featuring our past Animations to Change the World Grant Winners.

The Animations to Change the World Grant is NOW CLOSED.

Thank you to each of the organizations that took the time to apply in the spring of 2023. Our 2023 Grant Winners are the Blacklining Foundation, Inc.

The grant will re-open in Spring of 2024.

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