Project Brief

In this video, created for our friends at Alinker, Whiteboard Animation brings into clear focus the impact of a company dedicated to justice.

Alinker’s business model is about more than selling mobility tools; the Alinker company was built around creating access to wellness inside of healthcare systems that often overlook and underestimate marginalized groups. Through programs like rent-to-own and company-organized crowdfunding platforms that create wider access to mobility tools, Alinker is dedicated to prioritizing true access, inclusion, and justice. 

All of this needed to come across in the video we partnered with Alinker to create. As expert storytellers, we know getting to the heart of a message is the way to move people into action. Alinker’s Whiteboard video was used to explain the core principles behind Alinker’s work, while bringing a delightful and enjoyable feeling to viewers to promote their getting involved with Alinker’s impact.

The inventor of Alinker, BE Alink, serves as the focal point and voiceover artist for the Alinker video.

This unique feature brought a personal effect to the video, which served the goals of the project. Our one-stop shop for your animation always includes your selection from our roster of professional voice over artists and custom illustration styles.

Our tried and true process (as in, trying for elevent years and truly working like a charm!) prioritizes connecting with your team to understand the most important things about your project, so that your vision and values shine through in your script and design. You can learn more about how we support you during the animation process by downloading our Process PDF, or watching this Youtube playlist.