DKT International Infographic

Project Brief

DKT International is a registered, non-profit organization working to increase availability and affordability of quality modern birth control methods.  We collaborated with DKT International on this custom infographic, which was the cover for their annual report.

The “Life Cycle of a Contraceptive” shows the pathway contraceptives take from the factory to consumers. Encapsulating the impact of their entire organization – which touches many sectors – was a tough challenge, and DKT wanted to demonstrate that they have expanded access to contraceptives as well as expanded marketing and educational campaigns.

The infographic leverages the combination of engaging visuals and succinct text to convey a big message: DKT has a positive impact on the entire supply chain of safe contraceptive access.

We got what we were looking for, and got it on time.

David OlsonSocial Marketing Consultant, DKT