PA Foundation

Project Brief

For many people, talking about health and wellbeing can feel really overwhelming. Animated explainer videos can offer a positive, playful tone that will put people at ease while effectively delivering information.

In this project with the PA Foundation, we used animation to share informative advice around three unique topics. The PA Foundation, which is the philanthropic arm of the American Academy of PAs, has a mission to serve their patients, communities, and professions: this meant that it was crucial for this project to speak to a wide and diverse audience in a meaninngful way.

With persuasive scripting in both English and Spanish, and illustrations created with real people in mind, these videos are a succinct and useful tool that PA’s can use to support their patients time and time again.

Nutrition Types and Managing Type II Diabetes

Nutrition Types and Managing Type II Diabetes

Part of PA Foundation’s project included creating ‘sizzlers’ for each of their videos.

A Sizzler – also called Pre-Roll, Commercial-Length, or Preview video – is a 10-20 second cut of a longer video. The ideal explainer video prompts your audience to take action; a sizzler does the same thing… just faster. Check out this sizzler of the Type II Diabetes video, or learn more here.

How to Use a 24-Hour Dietary Recall

Nutrition to Improve Recovery After Surgery

PA Foundation wanted to make sure that the important information distilled in these videos would reach as many of their patients as possible. Animation is a strong medium for accessibility.

Our studio offers affordable translation packages for all languages, in addition to complimentary SRTs with every video. Additionally, we offer SRT files for closed captioning with every project, free of charge.

These features are not only a part of our commitment to accessability, but are useful for helping your message reach as many people as possible by increasing video SEO.

Check out these other videos featuring translations and subtitles.