GreenLight Fund


Illuminating Social Investing: A Whiteboard Animation to Simplify Community Engagement

Project Brief:


By leveraging the power of visual storytelling to transform complex topics, Whiteboard Animation emerges as the ideal choice when community engagement and understanding are paramount. Embark on an informative journey with the Greenlight Fund, who we partnered with to promote an innovative funding model addressing critical needs for local children and families in Detroit.

The challenge? Communicating the unique, thorough, and effective philanthropic model of the Greenlight Fund to a diverse audience.

That’s where whiteboard animation shines. By visually illustrating the intricacies of the Greenlight Fund model, the whiteboard video engages viewers and facilitates comprehension. Targeting social impact-focused professionals, community leaders, and funders, the video sparks interest and prompts viewers to get involved immediately with the Greenlight Fund.

Deployed across various platforms including the GreenLight Fund website, YouTube, sales and demo meetings, and events, the video serves as a powerful tool for driving audience engagement and action.