Guide Dogs For the Blind

Project Brief: Puppy Heroes


Guide Dogs for the Blind believes everyone deserves to move through the world safely and confidently. We were honored to partner with them in the development of an explainer video for their mission.

Guide Dogs needed a tool that explained who they are: the largest guide dog school in North America –  responsible for having graduated more than 16,000 guide dog teams since their founding in 1942. They also needed a clear call to action.

Our expert script writers worked to bring clarity to the process of raising, trianing and matching their guide dogs with clients who are blind or visually impaired. A custom design from our in-house illustrators in the whiteboard video style was the perfect choice for this project, which can be seen above.

“Their team is responsive, talented and professional. A pleasure to work with! Creativity and quality of the work are outstanding!”

Debbi MorgenGuide Dogs for the Blind

Project Brief: Guide Dogs and Public Transit


We were thrilled when Guide Dogs for the Blind returned for a second project, this time with the goal of creating a more respectful, safe, and inclusive public transportation experiences for guide dog teams.

Guide Dogs for the Blind knows that when everyone is able to move through the world safely and confidently, our communities are stronger. People who are blind or visually impaired can legally bring their guide dogs anywhere the general public is allowed. This video, featuring audio description, offers tips to ensure everyone has a good experience using public transportation.

Audio description is one of the many ways that animation solves accessibility issues. Animated video addresses the challenges that arise when consistent messaging must reach people who are working remotely, across languages or cultures, or who have different perspectives or needs. 

We talk more about how explainer videos address these challenges in our blog Why You Should Use Video Learning.