Special Olympics

Project Brief: Special Olympics International

We were thrilled when Special Olympics approached us to support the launch of their 2021 Global Strategic Plan. The international organization, responsible for an inclusion revolution built around breaking down barriers and ending discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities, approached our team at Next Day Animations with one goal: developing an engaging tool that brought diverse audiences right into the fold of their vision for an inclusive future.

We created a whiteboard video that highlighted the key intentions of their updated strategy, which was successfully rolled out in 6 unique languages. Whiteboard style animation creates a delightful community of characters, which bring to life engaging scripting that focuses on reaching audiences from a variety of perspective points.

The video was distributed widely to spread awareness about the updated strategy; the Special Olympics used the video internally in training and email signatures, as well as featuring the strategy across their website, Youtube, and at events and trade shows.

I definitely recommend Next Day Animations to anyone who would like to create a whiteboard video. The team was quick to respond, moved the project forward in a very organized and smooth manner, and was very pleasant to work with. Most importantly, the end product was cost efficient and of great quality!

Olga YakimakhoDirector of Leadership and Organizational Development, Special Olympics

Project Brief: Special Olympics South Carolina

After the success of the 2020 project with Special Olympics International, we embarked on a partnership with South Carolina’s branch of the Special Olympics organization.

The Special Olympics South Carolina team needed a resource to explain Unified Clubs.

It was our job to create a series of videos inviting schools across the state to engage with Special Olympics via Unified Clubs, programming that increases athletic and leadership opportunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities, while creating communities of acceptance for all.

Unified Clubs Programming includes three main educational components in schools, which each comprised a one-minute long explainer video in the series. We created one video for each of the following program points:

• Unified Sports
• Inclusive Youth Leadership
• Whole-school awareness activities

Special Olympics South Carolina also needed a video to simply educate the general public by providing an overview of their services, which you can also view in the series playlist.

The entire Unified Club series was designed to move viewers towards a strong call to action: getting involved in the Special Olympics movement.

A video series, which we offer discounts for, is an excellent choice for a project like Special Olympics South Carolina. Individual topics can be fleshed out and explained in detail, while common threads in the messaging and characters create the hollistic feeling of one cohesive campaign. Learn more about why series are effective for video campaigns on our Video Series page.