The Arc of San Diego

Project Brief

Explainer Animations can greatly improve the ease of your next talent search, as in this project with the Arc of San Diego. With a commitment to support and empower people with disabilities, the Arc of San Diego needed a set of resources they could utilize again and again when recruiting for staff.

This project was focused not only on illucidating details about four unique hiring opportunities at the Arc, but also on their Person First, Person Centered value system. The Arc of San Diego looks for candidates that add to their culture, so it was important that this series of videos captured not only the skill and experience required by each position, but also the overall mission, vision and values of the Arc.

Click play to see the other three videos in this project with the Arc of San Diego.

These videos were used by the Arc of San Diego in a variety of ways: across their website, via email, and in job postings.

By choosing a video series, the Arc was able to share information about four unique career opportunities while still keeping each video succinct and impactful. The Arc benefits from our series discount, and each video can have its own big idea and storytelling arc. 

Animated video allows you to easily extend your brand standards and maximize your brand’s potential.  With video, you can able to infuse your brand colors, taglines, logos and other signifiers throughout your content in unique ways.

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