Smokey Bear: Wildfire Prevention Series

Project Brief

We were thrilled to support the Smokey Bear wildfire prevention campaign with a series of videos. This project, created in partnership with the US Forest Service, The National Association of State Forresters, and the Ad Council, was comprised of a series of 5 videos in both English and Spanish. The Smokey Bear campaign elevated their reach, adding on a custom Social Media Package.

A video series is an excellent choice for breaking down specific points beneath an umbrella topic such as wildfire prevention. Each video in the 5 part series addresses a unique wildfire safety issue – from debris burning to minding dry grass. Cohesive, custom graphics throughout the series paired with interesting and instructive scripting designed to bring clarity to safety measures resulted in an excellent tool for these organizations to prevent wildfires.

The Social Media Package, an add-on to a video series, brings the entire campaign to the next level.

Having more content connected to your video means more touchpoints for audiences to connect: With the addition of the Social Media package to their video, Smokey Bear can spread information quickly and easily to prevent human-caused wildfires. These graphics were used on social media and the Smokey Bear Website.

Check out how short-form GIFs above complement the longer videos. Learn more about this and other services on our Marketing Servies page.