Smokey Bear


Igniting awareness: using animation to prevent wildfires with a dynamic video series in two langauges.

Project Brief:

We were thrilled to lend our support to the Smokey Bear wildfire prevention campaign with a carefully crafted video series. In close collaboration with esteemed partners, including the US Forest Service, The National Association of State Foresters, and the Ad Council, we developed a comprehensive set of 5 videos available in both English and Spanish.

A video series proves invaluable for breaking down the multi-faceted topic of wildfire prevention. Each video in this 5-part series delves into a distinct facet of wildfire safety, ranging from responsible debris burning to vigilant care for dry grass. The addition of Spanish translations ensures wider accessibility and broader outreach.

Seamless, tailored graphics thread through the series, complemented by engaging and informative scripts, which clarify critical safety measures. Together, they form a comprehensive resource empowering these organizations in their mission to prevent wildfires.

To extend the campaign’s impact, we integrated a custom Social Media Package, further amplifying its reach and resonance. Feel free to explore the videos and visuals featured here for a closer look at this impactful initiative.

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How do you know if a video series is right for you?

Some of our hints include: having more than one target audience, having a highly complex topic to explain, and having multiple pieces of content to share.

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