The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association


Empowering Young Audiences to Take Control of Their Financial Future with Enlightening Animation

Project Brief:


Our 2D Explainer Animation, created with TIAA, was designed to demystify the complexities of planning for income and retirement.

Relevant for a general audience but specifically aimed to appeal to Gen Y and Gen X audiences, this video is both relateable and reliable, inspiring action for potential users and ushering them towards a secure financial future with TIAA.

At the heart of the video lies a mission to address the top financial needs, goals, and concerns of the target audience.

Research has shown that the target audience values the concept of guaranteed lifetime income. Our expert scriptwriters partnered with in-house illustrators to produce an animation that centered this value, serving as a powerful educational tool to better inform clients about how TIAA products can provide that security.

Created in our Whiteboard Animation style, this video – also for TIAA – frames the same idea in a different way. Consider how style, tone, length and narrative play a role in shaping the impact of video messaging. We’re experts at finding the right style to ensure your message gets across to your target audience.

Through clear and engaging animation, viewers are introduced to the concept of annuities – both fixed and variable – and guided through how they work and why they differ from traditional savings accounts.

Deployed across various platforms including the TIAA website homepage, emails, and stakeholder outreach initiatives, explainer videos have an excellent reach and ROI – they can be used in countless places, and without limit. By leveraging the simplicity and effectiveness of explainer videos, complex financial topics are transformed into understandable solutions, empowering viewers to take control of their financial future.

Videos for Internal Messaging

Do you have a message that needs to reach your company of thousands? Or maybe your training needs to be accessible in a variety of languages and formats.

An animation is highly shareable and accessible. It can easily be embedded in an email, on a website, in your Learning Management System (LMS), or in a presentation.

Our studio is highly experienced with subtitles, translations and anything else you might need. Ask us about our discount on a series of multiple videos!