Social Media Packages

A schematic showing a video being turned into a Social Media Package; shows an example video at the top with arrows pointing towards a set of non-moving graphics, and a set of active GIFs.

Maximize your impact. Widen your reach.

You’ve created an amazing animated explainer video. Now, you’re planning to bring your message to the world.

With more content connected to your video, you’re building a cohesive campaign with the potential for multiple touchpoints. Meeting your target audience where they are helps solidify awareness, driving them into action!

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How do I use the Social Media Package?

Our designers will use the same carefully crafted characters from your custom video to build a set of graphics for you to share across the web.

The most common use of the graphics is to brighten up social media feeds and funnel viewers towards your call-to-action.

We’ve also supported clients in the creation of graphics for advertising, web sliders, email signatures, and even billboards!

See our best Social Media Packages: