Animation Styles


Animations are a memorable and effective way to communicate.

So, what’s your style?

Check out our Style Sampler:

Whiteboard Animation Examples:

With their friendly, classic style, whiteboard animations are great for communicating complex ideas quickly, making them ideal for training, mission-focused messaging, startups, and academic lectures. 

The simple visuals help reinforce key concepts. And it’s easy to inject a little humor. Check out the neuroscience of whiteboard animation for more details about why this style works so well.

Action Aid

Covenant House

Guide Dogs For the Blind

A still from the Generations Ashe video; a diverse community of Generations Ashe members stand together

Generations Ashe

A still from the Arc of San Diego whiteboard video.

the Arc of San Diego

A still from the Bernheim Forest Video; a group walks together among the woods of the forest

Bernheim: Forests Under Threat

2D Animation Examples:

Ideal for marketing as well as internal communications, 2D animation offers some particular advantages. It makes data come alive. It creates characters that can become icons. And it takes full advantage of the power of color.

A still from the 'Free the Work' animated explainer video created by Next Day Animations


Still from Grady Health's training module; a doctor sits with a supervisor in a glass office, having a conversation. 2D Vector style animation.

Grady Health Training Module

Ednovate Charter Schools

Efficiency Vermont

Common Justice

3D and Mixed Media:

3D animation, popularized by Pixar and Dreamworks, is increasingly used to model software and products with many intricate parts.

Our studio has also worked in more unique styles, including live video hybrids, kinetic text, and much more.

A young girl reads, smiling, on a big love seat; simple digital drawing

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