Covenant House


Animating resilience: a three-part video series highlights the impact and mission of Covenant House.

Project Brief:

Covenant House provides housing and supportive services to youth facing homelessness – in 33 cities across 6 countries. With a virtual gala upcoming, they reached out in need of an engaging way to showcase the widespread impact of their organization.

We produced a series of three videos to showcase how Carlos, a former Covenant House resident, was able to not only survive but thrive with support from the organization through unconditional love, absolute respect, and relentless support. Using a personal testimonial brought to life with animation was an excellent way to illuminate the mission of Covenant House.

Carlos’ story works well as a video series. Our professional scriptwriters found the key moments of Carlos’ testimonial, and strategically organized each video to have it’s own ‘big idea’ and storytelling arc.

With a video series, each video can have it’s own powerful emotional impact, like the complexities and obstacles overcome in Carlos’ story. Small breaks between videos allow the audience to digest information and process it with more clarity, leading to higher engagement with the overall message.

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Using animation to engage audiences around challenging subjects is incredibly effective.

Without relying on graphic or explicit content, animation becomes a medium to navigate delicate subjects, offering a unique combination of realism and fantasy that captivates viewers.

Whether used for education, entertainment, or advocacy, animation can offer a rich and rewarding experience that can inspire, inform, and enlighten viewers.

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How do you know if a video series is right for you?

Some of our hints include: having more than one target audience, having a highly complex topic to explain, and having multiple pieces of content to share.

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