Project Brief

AARP approached us in 2021 with a mission: they needed an interesting video for a training on Audience Management. Audience management, or the practice of delivering relevant connections by underestandig the wants and needs of members, is important at AARP, and it was crucial that the company had an accessible, engaging tool to bring employees on board.

Not only was it important for AARP to define the concept of Audience Management, but the video also needed to address why this is relevant for the viewer: how does Audience Management affect my job at AARP? And how does Audience Management align with the overall mission of our company?

An explainer video is an excellent choice for accomplishing all of this in a succinct, digestable package. Engaging scripting delivers a clear narrative about what Audience Management is and the unique ways it ties into company goals. Paired with cohesive graphics, viewers walk away not only feeling clear on the topic at hand, but proud to be a part of AARP’s overall mission.

AARP increased the engagement of their audience by including a Sizzler in their video package. A sizzler – also called a Pre-Roll, commercial-length, or preview video – is a short cut of a longer video.

The point of a sizzler is to grab attention and turn heads, leaving audiences intrigued to learn more about the topic. Check out the sizzler we created based on the full Audience Management video.