Efficiency Vermont

“Super friendly and knowledgeable team, very flexible and supportive given a rather tight turnaround time (with a couple delays on our end), amazing crafts(wo)man ship - fantastic artwork, nailed the video after just one round of revisions, and graciously provided an abbreviated ending as a second request.

This was my first project that I managed at this organization, having come from an agency myself, and the quality of work and communication that Next Day Animations delivers was incredibly inspiring and motivating. An awesome experience through and through.”

Erin MoriartyMarketing Project Manager at VEIC

Project Brief

We partnered with Efficiency Vermont on a series of short 2D animated ads for their efficient energy management services. These ads are clean, simple and fun, using humor to tie together some important messaging. Learn more about Efficiency Vermont at efficiencyvermont.com

This particular ad reached a wide spread of viewers, with over 140k views on Efficiency Vermont’s YouTube page alone.