A lasting collaboration to animate global impact & demystify change

Working with Next Day Animations was one of the easiest experiences I've had with a contractor. I appreciated their transparency on cost and process, and the clear timeline from the get-go was really helpful. We are a small shop, and the pandemic really slowed down our internal deadlines and communications. Through it all, the lead producer was very patient and understanding, and ultimately we got a product that we're very proud of.

Sophia HarCommunications Manager, ActionAid

Disparity to Parity

An explainer to demystify and uncomplicate the concept of parity

ActionAid USA: Legacy Giving

An explainer to introduce supporters to planned giving and inspire them to get involved 

Project Brief:

For nonprofit organizations, effectively conveying a mission, impact, and call-to-action can be a transformative force. We’ve had the privilege of working alongside ActionAid on many projects as they strive for a world without poverty and injustice.

Their unwavering commitment to creating positive change involves reaching various stakeholders to create both awareness and support. This is where explainer videos come into play.

Through a carefully crafted visual narrative, nonprofits like Action Aid can distill complex ideas into easily digestible, engaging content. Explainer videos have the unique ability to resonate with a broad audience, sparking empathy and mobilizing support. By leveraging this powerful medium, nonprofits can amplify their message, connect with stakeholders, and drive meaningful change.

Our projects with ActionAid have tackled several different, but interconnected topics. An animated explainer video is an exceptionally efficient way to encapsulate the mission of an organization like ActionAid, as demonstrated by their ‘Who We Are’ video above.

Other animated explainers we’ve created with ActionAid demonstrate the utility of animation for digging into more complex topics, like the concept of ‘parity’ for farmers, fishers, and other foodworkers. We’ve even created videos that directly support fundraising efforts, leveraging psycholigically impactful scripting that presents viewers with actionable ways to get involved, increasing the likelihood of support.

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