Clark Pacific

Project Brief

When you’re marketing a product, it’s crucial to meet your audience where they are. Clark Pacific leveraged the flexibility of animation to create 3 versions of their video, each with a customized script addressing the viewpoint of different potential customers.

Although the 3 videos have a lot in common, custom characters and strategic messaging carefully tailor each video to a specific audience. Watch the three videos above and see how they fit the unique needs of architects, general contractors, and building owners, respectively.

Whiteboard is an engaging, affordable choice for packaging your story in a way that resonates, and stays with your audiences long after the first viewing. A video series such as this one can be an affordable way to create impactful, targeted pieces of content that you can use again and again.

If you’re struggling to narrow down your target audience, you probably have more than one. Each audience might benefit from their own video, tailored to their worldview and what they care about most. 

Or maybe you’re considering a long informational video because your topic is nuanced and complex; we don’t recommend this in an age where attention spans are acclimated to short bursts of content.

A video series is able to break down the information into digestible chunks that are much easier for the viewer to not only watch, but truly absorb.  

Not sure if you need a series? Read our blog post about that here.

This playlist features other video series we’ve created with clients.