Mesa Labs

Project Brief

Mesa Labs, a company dedicated to providing monitoring tools for a variety of scientific, research, and medical environments, came to us in need of an explainer video series.

We worked with Mesa Labs to create explainer videos that brought clarity to a variety of product offerings from their team. They needed the videos to act as a how-to for current clients, but they also wished to demonstrate Mesa’s expertise in the field and the ease of use of their products to future clients.

A video series was an excellent choice for covering the complex needs above in a graceful, succinct package. A video series is able to break down the information into digestible chunks that are much easier for the viewer to not only watch, but truly absorb.

After watching the first video about Mail-In Spore Testing, check out the other 3 videos in this series below.

Mesa Labs: Tubing

Mesa Labs: Liquid Steam Sterilization

Mesa Labs: Dry Heat Sterilization Indicators

Animation is a great choice for explaining topics in healthcare, research, and many other industries.

When large amount of complex information needs to be shared, video leverages the synergy of audio and visual demonstration to share information clearly and effectively.

Engaging multiple senses also leads to stronger mental connections and long-term retention. Video learning helps things stick. Check out this playlist for examples of other videos that are similar to the ones above.