Securian Financial


Empowering Employees with Clear Brand Education

Project Brief:

After some updates to the internal architecture of the company, Securian FinancialĀ needed a tool to clarify their new strategies to their most important stakeholders: their employees.

To this end, we crafted a compelling explainer video that demystifies the intricacies of Securian’s mission, vision and values – all while communicating the “why” behind the company’s branding strategy. Through dynamic animation that is brought to life with Securian’s logo and brand kit, the video empowers Securian associates to navigate the complexities of their roles with confidence and purpose.

Video learning emerges as the ideal solution for internal communication and brand training, offering accessibility and engagement that transcend geographical boundaries and language barriers. By leveraging explainer videos, Securian ensures that every associate, whether remote or on-site, can access consistent messaging and training materials, fostering a sense of inclusion and clarity across the organization.