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Building a Cohesive Campaign with Animation

Title graphic in white letters on purple backgrounds; reads, 'Building a Cohesive Campaign with Animation' next to a digital drawing of three devices featuring the same screen. on a laptop, ipad and phone, a glowing lightbulb reads 'big idea' and demonstrates the cohesive campaign across devices.

The value of a video is much more than the sum of its parts.

Animation is customizable, quick to create, and easy-to-update. In our 12+ years as an animated explainer company, we’ve seen clients take their messaging to new levels of success by leveraging the power of video in their campaigns.

Here are our ideas for building a cohesive campaign with animation:

Engage Audiences Across the Web with a Social Media Package

Having a unified brand look is Marketing 101.  That’s why our expert animators are thrilled to create a Social Media Package for your video project.

Our Social Media Package is a comprehsive solution designed to broaden the reach of your explainer animation. You’ll work with your video producer and our sales team to build a package that includes everything you need to reach a wider audience across the platforms most important to you.

Our team has created hundreds of eye-catching graphics and dynamic gifs to accompany videos on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These graphics and gifs can be used as standalone posts, story highlights, or as part of a larger ad campaign. To see more of our ideas for marketing with GIFs, click here.

Having more content means more touchpoints for audiences to connect.

See more from this project created with the US Forest Service, the State Foresters, and the Ad Council.

With short attention spans a common denominator among audiences, brief, memorable clips are a bonus. Use the Social Media Package to reach audiences in places where your content isn’t getting enough attention.

Go Global with Translations and Subtitles

In order to pack a punch, marketing must meet audiences where they are. Fortunately, animation is incredibly adaptable.

Check out this playlist to see some of our studio’s offerings in subtitling, translation, and audio description.

That’s why we proudly offer full translation packages for videos created in our studio, for both common and rare languages. 

Our roster of voiceover artists includes people across the world and across the gender spectrum, furthering our ability to match your custom script with a narration that audiences can hear themselves reflected in.

We’ve even supported our clients in representing various accents and dialects.

When we translate explainers or create explainers in other languages, we work hard to shape our poignant scripts to authentically capture the on-screen imagery and core meaning of the video in a tone that resonates in the native language.

When building a cohesive campaign, accessibility is key.  When your audience is spread out around the country, or around the globe, it’s important that your message can reach them in a way that speaks to them authentically.  

Create a Video Series to Extend Your Impact

Many clients come to us for support explaining highly complex topics, and wish to create a long informational video. We don’t recommend this in an age where attention spans are acclimated to short bursts of content.

Other clients come to us with a handful of smaller, separate ideas that are related, and which need to be housed under the same umbrella – but how?

Our advice is the same: create a series of animated videos.

A video series is able to break down the information into digestible chunks that are much easier for the viewer to not only watch, but truly absorb.

Our clients, Free the Work, developed this series of 4 videos designed to introduce their newest campaign.

The four videos work together to drum up excitement and share crucial information. See the full project here.

If you’re struggling to narrow down your target audience, you probably have more than one. Each audience might benefit from their own video, tailored to their worldview and what they care about most. 

Guess what? We even offer a series discount on video projects including 4 videos or more.

Increase Conversions with a Video Landing Page

Different from a website’s home page, a landing page has one intention: move the user to take a specific action. Whatever your conversion goal, video can help.

In fact, Aberdeen Group reports that marketers who incorporate video into their campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates.

Landing pages are designed with a specific audience in mind, with information tailored in such a way that it generates more leads or purchases. Site visitors will click on a direct link (from search results, or social media, or email campaigns, etc.) which leads them to “land” on a page. 

Videos should be used on your landing pages whenever they directly support the offer at hand. Maybe you will create an explainer video for your newest product, and use it on a landing page designed to make sales. Or you’ll create an animated video about how to register for your company’s newsletter, and use it on a landing page designed to increase audience outreach.

This playlist features animations used to explain websites or apps.

Consider using animation on landing pages to offer a common tutorial your website users need.

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