U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Inspiring Investments in Entrepreneurship with a Succinct Video

Project Brief:


Designed to eduate, we created this short and intriguing explainer video in collaboration with the US Chamber of Commerce. With a goal of inspiring lawmakers and regulators to view investment in entrepreneurship in a new way, it was important to choose a medium that could clearly communicate a complex idea – without losing audience attention.

An excellent example of the power of whiteboard animation for cutting through the noise, this medium naturally frees the viewer of distraction and encourages them to focus on the message. People often are so intimidated by financial topics that they may shy away from trying to understand them better. Good videos can empower viewers to make good decisions.

Opting for straightforward scripting drivers viewers towards the clear call to action, to help the Chamber of Commerce bring interested parties further along in their educational journey on financing entrepreneruship. With an explainer video to place across email outreach, trainings, professional presentations, and web media, they can confidently continue investing in their message of supporting innovation.