Take a gander at the resources below to learn how explainer videos are used, how our process works, and general tips and info for communicating your message.

How You Can Use Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos for Internal Communication: eBook

How using video can achieve your organizational goals.

Comprehensive Guide to Video Marketing

Your handy guide to all things video.

7 Ways the Healthcare Industry Can Use Explainer Videos

Watch to find out the many uses of video in healthcare.

3 Ways the Finance Industry Can Use Video

Watch to find out the many uses of video in finance.

How Our Process Works

Our Process: Scripting

Watch Part 1 of our Productions Process Series.

Our Process: Productions

Watch Part 2 of our Productions Process Series.

Four Tips for Smooth Collaborative Editing

 With these pro-tips, you and your team will move swiftly from script to screen.

More Tips and Info!

Social Media Package PDF

 Learn more about our social media package and why it’s a great addition to your video project.

Why Humor Works for Explainer Animations

Watch this video to learn how you can bring a touch – or a truckload – of humor to your video.

More than a Mission Statement

Learn more about why we’re a B Corp, and how our values drive our work in this video.

Storytelling 101

How do we tell stories that people actually want to hear?

How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost?

Pricing is one of the first questions we get from our clients. Here are some factors that affect the cost of an explainer video.