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Why Animation is Effective for Tough Topics

Our mission at Next Day Animations is to help our clients share important messages effectively. 

We’ve explained the importance of the Flu Shot and how to register your new adopted pet online. Of course, not everything we explain is as playful as new puppies. 

In fact, we’ve tackled some pretty tough topics in our twelve years as an animated explainer video studio. Clients trust us to create animated videos that can carry the weight of challenging subjects, and still leave audiences feeling clear.

So, why do people turn to animation for explaining tough topics? Let’s dig in.

Create Safety with Animation

Animation can provide a sense of distance and detachment that can help viewers cope with tough topics. Through the use of fictional characters and settings, animators create a sanctuary for exploring sensitive or controversial themes without triggering traumatic memories or defensive reactions.

Stories reach our hearts most deeply when we are able to imagine ourselves in them. That’s why we collaborate with clients to develop characters that their audience will truly see themselves reflected in.

At the same time, animation can also create a sense of connection. Viewers still empathize with the struggles and triumphs of the animated characters. Furthermore, our expert animators are dedicated to building characters that truly reflect your community which increases retention and engagement.

By bridging the gap between reality and fantasy, animation can offer a medium for sharing your message that feels accessible, safe, and clear for viewers.

Appeal to Universal Audiences with Animation

Animation has a remarkable quality of appealing to a wide audience, encompassing both children and adults. While some tough topics may be too challenging or mature for young viewers, animation provides a unique opportunity to introduce these issues in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner.

For example, beloved cartoons such as “Sesame Street” and “Arthur” have fearlessly tackled subjects like racism, grief, and disabilities, approaching them with empathy and humor. Through these animated shows, children develop crucial skills like empathy and critical thinking.

Animation breaks the barriers of age, inviting children and adults alike to engage with complex topics. It provides a medium that is both sensitive and accessible, enabling meaningful conversations and fostering a shared understanding among diverse viewers.

Expand the Narrative Horizon with Animation

Through animation, artists can manipulate time, space, and perspective. This empowers creative and sensitive portrayal of challenging situations. Without relying on graphic or explicit content, animation becomes a medium to navigate delicate subjects, offering a unique amalgamation of realism and fantasy that captivates viewers both intellectually and emotionally.

Animation transcends the boundaries of possibility, granting artists the freedom for boundless creative expression and visual storytelling. With a rich palette of vivid colors, imaginative designs, and surreal imagery at their disposal, animators can convey complex ideas and evoke profound emotions.

Whether used for education, entertainment, or advocacy, animation can offer a rich and rewarding experience that can inspire, inform, and enlighten viewers.

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