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3 Things Every Marketing Director Should Know

By June 30, 2016August 19th, 2016Whiteboard Animation, Marketing

You want to create the best marketing strategy to get your product from concept to customer. But how? Of course there’s analytics and complicated metrics, all very important. But here are the 3 things that we at Next Day Animations think are important for every marketing director to know.

Know Who You’re Talking To

One of my favorite examples of NOT knowing your audience came during the 2012 presidential election (I know, I know, politics. Snore. Just bear with me). When asked if he follows stock car racing, Mitt Romney replied, “Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans, but I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners.”

The highfalutin “ardent,” the reference to knowing owners, not exactly connecting to those blue-collar voters he was looking for.

Of course, we don’t all want to be politicians, but we do need to know our audience and understand our customers. What are their pain points, what gets them stoked, and what makes them toss and turn at night?

The best marketing materials are going to address your audience’s needs and concerns! Remember, it’s not just about you, but about your relationship with your customers.

Find Your Voice

It’s important to know whom you’re speaking to in order to decide what tone to strike in your marketing campaigns. But it’s also important for you to know who you are and what your natural voice is.

Just as a blue blood politician trying to adopt an everyman persona can come off as laughably unconvincing (ahem, John Kerry), it’s also tough to swallow an ad campaign that’s too wonky and stiff.

At Next Day Animations, we help you to create a tone (visual and written) that communicates the personality of your firm and sticks with your target audience. Don’t be afraid to get silly, or be fun, or to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Show, Don’t Tell

The advice, “show, don’t tell” is one of the axioms of creative writing, but it’s also great advice for marketers. The thing is, people get bored with text really fast! (You might already be bored with this blog post!)

Don’t overlook the importance of a visual element. And this, of course, is where we come in. Using whiteboard animations for your marketing will engage your audience in a way that text simply can’t.

In fact, stop reading, and just watch the video:

See? I told you.

Now, imagine a whiteboard animation video that’ll show your audience who you are, and why you’re the right fit for them.

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