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Boosting Sales Conversions with Whiteboard Animations

By January 5, 2018February 8th, 2019Whiteboard Animation, Marketing, Next Day Animations
sales animation whiteboard animation

Making sales conversions is all about the funnel. First, you cast a wide net to generate interest in your organization. Then, you find ways to guide your promising leads to action. Not everyone who hears about your company is going to convert. But for your high-potential contacts, you want to make that process easy and engaging, making sure to capture as many customers as possible and without any falling through the cracks or getting distracted in the process.

Using whiteboard animation to create an engaging sales animation can aid the sales process in the following ways:

Call To Action: Clear, Strong, Easy

Your Call To Action (CTA) should be short and clear. Consider these two statements:

  • “Start Your Free Trial Today!”
  • “Please visit our website, navigate to the free trial page, and enter your payment information to start your 30-day free trial!”

The first one is short, sweet, and strong. The second will lose people before you get to the meat of your request, and the mention of entering information may turn people away. Cut to the point with your CTA, and provide the link that takes them exactly where they need to go to complete the action. You can provide any extra needed information on that page.

Show, and Tell

We are a world of visual learners. Written descriptions of a product or service don’t always cut it, and an animation can literally show your viewer exactly why they should buy your product. A narration by a professional voiceover can provide extra information, and adds a personal touch.

People are constantly bombarded by content and have short attention spans. By putting forward an engaging and visual animation, you are guaranteeing that the attention of your viewer stays on you, rather than wanders to a cute cat video, or worse, a competitor.


You know how sometimes you visit a website, only to have ads for that website follow you around the internet? This is a powerful strategy your organization can leverage. It’s called retargeting or remarketing, and you can use it on most pay-per-click advertising platforms. It can take a little set-up, but is a great way to move people who may be on the fence through your funnel.

You can run video remarketing ads on facebook, youtube, and other platforms, that will show for folks who have visited your website. You can even set it up so that these ads are only shown to people who visited a particular product page, or a check-out page.

Build Your Brand, Build a Loyal Following

A sales animation is a great way to show who you are as an organization. Since it’s visual, you can show off your brand colors and style. But you can take it a step further by injecting your voice into the script itself. Do you want your customers to think of you as a friend and confidant? A helpful expert? Maybe a sophisticated leader in the field? An animation can help you build the relationship you want. The images, the script, and the voiceover work together to build something that is uniquely you. And as your potential customers get to know you, they will be more likely to want to buy from you… and come back for more.

A whiteboard sales animation helps drive the action you want. Incorporate an animation into your sales funnel strategy, and watch your conversion rate increase. A whiteboard animation means more engagement, less wandering brains, stronger customer relationships…and more sales.


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