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E-learning for the Workplace? Whiteboard Animations Can Help.

By September 4, 2015January 28th, 2019Whiteboard Animation, Video-Based Learning

Learning in the modern workplace is hard. As more organizations turn to e-learning for their training needs, facilitators are facing new challenges:

How do you reach thousands of employees? How do you keep your staff engaged with an online curriculum? How do you ensure your content works with your Learning Management System and other ever-evolving platforms? How do you globalize your message for audiences around the world? How do you keep trainings fresh, fun and memorable?

These challenges might seem overwhelming, and that’s where whiteboard animation come in. An animation is a creative and engaging way to enhance any online training. Plus they’re just plain fun. If you are planning an e-learning for your organization, here are some reasons why you should add an explainer animation to the docket:

They share your message concisely.e-learning animation trainings

Animations enable educators to keep it short and sweet. Whiteboards are perfect for introducing a new concept, teaching a new skill, or demonstrating a key point. Clear and concise video allows your message to ring true, while making sure your audience doesn’t get away from you.

They make it visual.

These days, when it comes to sharing information, visual is the way to go. Did you know 65% of people identify as visual learners? The simple yet compelling graphics of a whiteboard video are sure to keep an audience’s eyes, and brains, focused on your message.

They lighten the mood.

E-learning animations bring a fresh and fun vibe to your workplace training. Break the mold by starting the presentation with a custom animation. It will lighten the mood, increase focus, and set a productive tone for the rest of the session.

They make your message stick.

Want your training to stick with your audience past lunch-time? Animations leave a lasting impression on viewers, because they are clear, chock full of fun visuals and audio, and outside-the-box. An animation in your training will ensure your employees know what you need them to know, and that it stays that way.

e-learning globe global animation whiteboard You can share them across platforms and across cultures.

Have a message you need to get out to your company of thousands? An animation is highly shareable and accessible to all. They can easily be embedded in an email, on a website, or in your Learning Management System (LMS). Have a multi-cultural/lingual audience? An animation is easily adapted for a diverse audience. They are a flexible learning tool with a long shelf life, that can help meet your e-learning needs.

If your organization is moving towards e-learning, animations can be memorable assets for your trainings and lessons.


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