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Why Explainer Animation Process Matters

Imagine a recipe that listed the ingredients, but didn’t explain what to do with them.

You could try making something out of it.

But the results might not be very…. appetizing.

You’d probably be wasting food. And even if you accidentally stumble upon an incredible creation, you’ll want to remember what you did if you want to make it again in the future.

When we’re making an animation, the ingredients are your script, voiceover, music, illustrations and post-production editing. But we’re not just throwing these together to see how they taste.

We use a very specific recipe, which is our standardized process:

  1. New project questionnaire
  2. Kickoff call to discuss project objectives and messaging
  3. Script collaboratively
  4. Sign off on the script (using the Signoff Checklist)
  5. Discuss design preferences (for voiceover, music, colors, character demographics)
  6. Review the Initial Animation and provide feedback
  7. Review the Updated Draft for edit polishing
  8. Review the Final Preview for any last tweaks
  9. Approve and launch your video!

It’s a process that demands intentionality, each step of the way. Step six is the only “anything goes” round for animation edits; steps seven and eight are only for polishing, not introducing new edits.

Design by committee can be a real challenge. (Ever worked with someone who changes their mind?) But this process provides the specific parameters that help any team go from “idea” to “animation” as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That’s why we’re big fans of process around here. It allows everyone to be on the same page as far as where we are and what we’re cooking, together.

Bon appetit!