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Over the past few months, we have faced large-scale societal change head on. Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, every single facet of society has undergone unprecedented change. When big changes happen, communication is key.

Whether your organization is on the front-lines, considered an “essential” business, or has transitioned to remote work, change is unavoidable at all levels. No matter your situation, you undoubtedly have changes to communicate with your staff or customers. Sometimes these changes are surprising and sudden, sometimes they are gradual adjustments. Either way, change is hard. You need to be thoughtful and clear in how you manage change with your team. Especially now, when everything is uncertain and the changes are big, you need the best tools for communicating quickly, clearly, and with compassion.

With the right team and tools, you can use explainer videos to clearly communicate about our changing world and workplaces – to many people at once, from a distance.

How can explainer videos help you manage change at your organization?

  • Whether you are still transitioning to remote work, or planning your transition back to the workplace, explainer videos can help you clarify expectations and norms for work moving forward.
  • Do you have changing policies to reflect social distancing practices and use of PPE? An explainer video can lay out changes clearly and visually.
  • Cancelled events or in-person trainings? Adapt your content to video, which can be easily shared over online platforms.

Right now, we have to be physically distant from each other. But we know that explainer videos can help keep your team connected and informed. We have worked for years to help remote and spread-out teams stay on the same page, using engaging and fun video content. Whatever information you need to share, video can help you share it.

Example 1: Mail-In Voting with AARP

Due to COVID-19, Ohio transitioned to mail-in voting for their elections. In this video, AARP walks through how to vote by mail.

Example 2: COVID-19 Safety PSA

We created this PSA to outline new safety and wellness measures to help people stay informed about best practices.