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How to Fit 20 Minutes of Content Into One Minute of Video

So you want to make a whiteboard explainer animation. You’ve nailed down the key points of your message, you’ve considered your target audience, and you’ve decided that making a 60-second video is the perfect way to get your message across. (Congratulations! We agree!). You know your subject matter like the back of your hand. You figure telling your story in the span of a minute will be a piece of cake.

There’s only one problem: When you sit down to map it all out, you realize that your minute-long message is starting to look more like 20 minutes of content. Your budget doesn’t allow for a 20-minute video, nor does the attention span of your audience—so how are you going to make this work?

Well, taking a proverbial machete to your material may not sound very appealing, but it sure is effective. (Alright, alright… we won’t be so brash.) But the truth of the matter is, turning 20 minutes of content into a minute-long video is simpler than you may think.

Whereas a slightly longer video allows you the opportunity to get into some of the finer details of your product or service, it’s important to think of 60 seconds of airtime as a teaser, or quick introduction; it’s a chance to give your audience a general overview of your idea.

Here’s an overview of the best way to tell your message with little complexity, and great clarity.

Start with a good hook. What concept will grab your audience’s attention right away?
Describe the problem. Get on your audience’s level; what is it that’s keeping them back?
Get emotional. No need to cry, of course—we only suggest that you appeal to the emotions of your viewers. How does their problem ultimately make them feel?
Save the day. Not all heroes wear capes, so if you left yours at home, fret not. This is the point at which you introduce the solution to the problem your viewers are facing.
Back it up. It’s all well and good to tell them you’ve got the solution, but you need to back up your claim. Why should your audience care about what you’ve got to say? This is your chance to tell them.
Make it relatable. Tell your audience how they’ll feel if they buy in. Giving them incentive makes your message appealing.
Wrap it up. End with a quippy last line, a call-to-action, and the best way for them to get in touch with you.

That’s it. This simple formula works time and again; because keeping your message straightforward keeps your audience engaged and doesn’t waste time.

And if you’re feeling worried that oversimplifying will water down your message, don’t worry—keeping your script simple paves the way for maximizing on the visual component of your animation. Between fun, compelling illustrations and on-screen text, you can make the most out of your message within the timeframe you’re working with.

…Or, rather, we can! Here at Next Day Animations, we’re experts in crafting and delivering big messages succinctly. With laptops in hand and machetes at the ready, we know just how to sit down and turn your complex idea into a message that’s perfectly suited for your audience. So take the worry out of video marketing today; give us a call, and sit back and watch while we whittle that 20-minute message of yours down to a 60-second video you’ll absolutely love. We can’t wait to dive in.