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How To Integrate Video Into Your Sales Funnel

By October 2, 2015November 3rd, 2016Whiteboard Animation, Marketing

Everyone knows video marketing works — it is visual, compelling, and memorable. Video is such a fantastic tool for organizations, that by 2018, 84% of internet traffic will be from video content. As more and more marketers turn to video marketing, the pressure is on to make video content that sticks and works within your sales process. With careful planning, you can use video to move people through your sales funnel, close sales, and gain loyal customers.

sales funnel video animation Top of the Sales Funnel — Start the Conversation

You know you have potential customers out there, floating around the internet universe, and you need to draw them in. Youtube pre-roll ads can help you reach thousands of potential customers who wouldn’t normally seek your company out. But how do you get those people to actually pay attention? Focusing on a higher-level topic — think your story rather than your product — will resonate with a broad audience. What makes your company unique? What can you highlight about your organization’s culture? With an appealing video and a clear call-to-action (CTA), you’re sure to drive traffic towards your website, and get folks one step closer to making that phone call, purchasing that item, or making that donation.

Middle of the Sales Funnel — Make an Impact

Now that you’ve got their attention, a video can speak to potential customers’ pain-points and convince them to take action. This is the time to build your brand, play to your strengths, and get specific. Customer testimonials or video case studies work wonders at this stage of the sales funnel. A well placed video on your homepage or social media shows the potential customer that you are a leader in the field. They also showcase your brand and build trust. And here’s the time to drive your CTA home — make it clear what you want your audience to do and why it’s the right choice.

Bottom of the Sales funnel — Close the Deal

Now’s the time for finishing touches. You don’t want to overwhelm or distract sales funnel animation video handshakethe customer, so something a bit more subtle will work to your advantage here. A video embedded in an email signature makes you look professional and savvy. A short explainer animation can help make your customer feel secure as they move forward. Or a very specific campaign video with an emotional edge can be the perfect push. You’re so close, and a little video magic can instill confidence and seal the deal.

Post Funnel (and beyond!)

Congrats on a sale well earned! But that doesn’t have to be the end of your video content. Animations can be a great way to orient new customers to your process/product. They can make your FAQs fun and interactive. It’s continuing support like that which turns a one-time buyer into a life-long customer.

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