American Kidney Fund: Kidney Kitchen Series


Visualizing Health: A Video Series for Transforming Dietitian Communication

Project Brief:

In a longstanding collaboration with American Kidney Fund, we embarked on yet another a transformative video series. This unique collection features a 7-video series employing both a hybrid style and 2D animation, all centered around promoting Kidney Kitchen Pro. This centralized digital tool for renal dietitians offers invaluable support in their care for and communication with kidney patients.

The series begins with 2D animated videos providing comprehensive information about Kidney Kitchen Pro—an essential resource for dietitians and for kidney patients. The series expands with an innovative twist—five additional hybrid-style videos featuring recipes. This dynamic blend includes live-action cooking footage, while animated elements pop up to guide viewers through ingredients and steps.

The series goes beyond promotion of renal wellness—it empowers dietitians to elevate their care and communication with kidney patients. Through visual storytelling, it brings to life the functionalities of Kidney Kitchen Pro, making it an indispensable tool in their daily practice.