The Arthritis Foundation


Navigating the Transition from Biologics to Biosimilars with an Explainer Video Series

Project Brief:

We collaborated with the Arthritis Foundation to create a set of four videos designed to help caregivers support empowered decision-making for their patients.

In this project, The Arthritis Foundation leverages video to explain Biosimilar technology with a two video series to cover both basics and FAQs about the transition from Biologics to Biosimilars.

These videos illustrate complex concepts in layman’s terms, and address common concerns directly with clarity. In an effort to maximize accessibility, we even supported the Arthritis Foundation with Spanish translations of the custom animations. Providers were then able to leverage the videos across a vareity of platforms: caregivers used this video in person, over telehealth, and even across their social media and websites.

While the first video aims to cover a basic understanding of what biosimilars are, this second video in the series specifically addresses safety concerns for patients.  A video series can be the perfect way to cohesively share information about separate ideas that are related, and which need to be housed under the same umbrella.

Subtitles and Translations for Accessibility

The content of a video is the same no matter where it’s viewed, or who it’s viewed by.

With translations, subtitles, closed captions, audio descriptions, and mobile-friendly formats, videos can be made accessible to everyone anywhere. An animation is highly shareable, easily be embedded in an email, on a website, in your Learning Management System (LMS), or in a presentation.

And best of all, we can make a video as fast as you need us to, to reach your audience right when they need it. Read about our rush projects here.