Bernheim: Forests Under Threat

Project Brief

Our team was thrilled to work with Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest in Kentucky to make this impactful whiteboard video. This video – in a short 45 seconds – explains how conservation easements protect natural environments, and how to get involved with a local stand for the protection of Bernheim in Kentucky.

Engaging, relateable characters draw attention to the importance of the issue at hand, moving audiences to become involved. A clear, visually aided call-to-action directs viewers to learn more and sign the petition to protect conserved land at

As well as being shared on social media, the video was featured on the Bernheim website homepage to quickly explain and motivate viewers to sign the petition.

“The process was very easy, the team at Next Day Animations listened and delivered a great final product. The team made creating our video easy and fun. They listened to what we had to say and did an excellent job of conveying our goal in the video.”

Sarah StraderAccount Manager, Heartland Communications Consultants, Inc.

Whether you’re trying to change something massive, like structural inequity, or something more small-scale, like the way individual people make choices, animated explainers can help.

By pairing audio and visual cues, animation is useful for explaining things in quick, memorable formats to pave the way for changes of all kinds.

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Animations for Justice