Project Brief

We created this series of 2D animations for non-profit organization FREE THE WORK. FREE THE WORK is helping shine a light on the people behind the production industry, and they needed a series of videos that could quickly and clearly explain their mission and impact.

We created an introductory video, seen here, which gives a birds-eye view of who FREE THE WORK is. We then developed three additional videos which you can see below: an video that explains how to use their self-reporting website, a detailed animation about their mission, and an engaging FAQ video.

A series was the perfect choice for FREE THE WORK. With the content broken down into key segments, our expert scriptwriters could hone in and bring crystal clarity to every important point – all while keeping the videos succinct and engaging. Read more about video series and why they are effective for audience attention in our blog post, here.

As animators and storytellers ourselves, we loved the opportunity to support a mission that will lead to a more inclusive and accountable production industry. With their self-reporting data collection, we can ask and answer the question: who really makes up the teams behind the media we consume? 

Authentic storytelling is something we highly value at Next Day Animations. You can read more about our commitment to authenticity here.

Learn more about FREE THE WORK and their mission at

“It was exciting to produce a project centering around production! Their team was super collaborative and totally hit the nail on the head with our value of partnership!”

Krystal AlexisLead Producer