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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Video Series

By April 18, 2022May 9th, 2024Whiteboard Animation

When you find yourself tasked with explaining a ton of important information, a video series is the perfect solution. 

A series of animated videos can set your marketing campaign apart from the oversaturated market, or ensure that concepts explained in your workplace training videos truly stick – long after the first viewing.

You’re excited and ready to roll out your big idea: we’re here to tell you everything you need to know when creating a video series.

Why make a video series?

Many clients come to us for support explaining highly complex topics, and wish to create a long informational video. We don’t recommend this in an age where attention spans are acclimated to short bursts of content. Other clients come to us with a handful of smaller, separate ideas that are related, and which need to be housed under the same umbrella – but how?

Our advice is the same: create a series of animated videos. A video series is able to break down the information into digestible chunks that are much easier for the viewer to not only watch, but truly absorb. 

An instructor teaches while two audience members doze out of boredom

A clip from our video, “Internal Communications…That Don’t Put People to Sleep”

In a video series, the viewer has control over the pacing, giving flexibility to the viewing experience. Small breaks between videos allow the information to sink in. Even better, each video can have its own big idea and storytelling arc. 

Video series are excellent options for internal training, product launches, and community outreach – anything with multiple important pieces that work in unison to make a whole. 

When each piece of the puzzle has its own powerful emotional impact, you’ll find that your idea is worth more than the sum of its parts. Not sure if you need a series? Read our blog post about that here.

How long does creating a video series take?

Our standard process is 4-5 weeks per video – so take the amount of videos in your series, and multiply!

But wait… My campaign launches next week! 

Not a problem! Check the name: our expert team is happy to adjust to your timeline and is able to work magic under any time constraint; follow this link to read more about our rush projects.

How much does making a video series cost?

Price is always determined by style, length, timeline, and number of videos.

With that in mind, all series of three or more videos get a 15% discount; this can’t be combined with other promotions.

What is the process of creating a video series?

The process mirrors our standard process: we start with scripting, then design, then animation – with built-in pit stops for feedback along the way. Typically we will work on the videos one at a time, but can work with alternate schedules if requested.

A roadmap of our process at Next Day Animations, animated characters representing our team pass a project along through various steps.

A clip from one of the videos on our Youtube playlist, “Working with Us”

Check out this Youtube playlist that features our work, at work: we have several videos explaining our process and other helpful information about working with an animation studio.

How can I use a video series?

When you use video for your next project, the only limit is your imagination! We’ve seen video series used on website landing pages, social media, email marketing campaigns, and company intranets. Most commonly, we see video series for internal training and community outreach & education. 

Head on over to the “Our Work” page of this website and select ‘series’ from the category menu; there, you can see a few case studies from our clients here at Next Day.

Ready to learn more?

People love video because it’s fun, interesting to look at, and adds value. 

Yet, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating a video is jamming too much info into one. Creating a series of videos gives you the time and space to communicate effectively and connect with your audience

Head to our contact us page to get started on your big idea. You can always reach our fabulous client advisors directly at 202-747-0404.