Grady Health Training Module

Project Brief

We partnered with Grady Health to create a series of six videos designed to support learning & development for their employees. They had a mission to create a flexible, easy-to-update tool that could be used again and again for training incoming staff.

In this series, familiar characters walk the audience through a number of situations, illuminating policies and best practices in an engaging and memorable way.

Interactive elements like check-points, quizzes, and discussion questions bring trainings to life and bring audiences’ focus to the topic at hand. Bringing video-based learning to your team means a high level of consistency, quality, and accessibility. 

You don’t have to choose: Animation creates an engaging training, at an affordable cost.

Animation is perfect for hybrid learning and remote work. Video learning can be used to accommodate both hybrid and in person learners simultaneously, and even provide a point of interaction and team-building.

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Video learning makes your content accessible and consistent.

Video learning provides the same opportunities, access, and messaging to workers all over the world, including remote workers, speakers of different languages, and employees with visual impairments or who are deaf.