Gary Comer Middle School

Project Brief

We were approached by Nobel Network to support the introduction of the Chicago-based Gary Comer College Prep Middle School. This team needed a versatile tool that illuminated why Gary Comer was the best choice for students, and encourage enrollment on campus.

Opting for a short, exciting explainer video was the perfect way to share the most important information about Gary Comer, and infusing the campaign with the support of a Social Media Package meant a wide and varied reach to audiences across the city.

Custom hand-drawn characters, featuring the Gary Comer branding and colors, creates a piece of marketing for the school that feels welcoming, and gives audiences a true understanding of the mission at Gary Comer.

The Social Media Package, an add-on to a video series, brings the entire campaign to the next level.

Having more content connected to your video means more touchpoints for audiences to connect.

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