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Project Brief

We created this series of explainer videos designed to introduce the Pro XTra program. A general introductory explainer is seen here, complemented by four detailed break-downs of specific program benefits.

We used colorful vector animation to bring the Pro XTra customers to life: it was important that these videos resonated with audiences ranging from individual hobbyists to business owners in charge of full-scale operations. Furthermore, we worked to represent many trades in our series – from plumbing to painting to contractors – because we know that when viewers see themselves reflected in videos, the message tends to stick.

Check out the introductory video here, and see the rest of the series in the section below. Wondering if your big idea is a good fit for a video series? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Video Series here.

Pro XTra: Text2Confirm

Pro XTra: Saving Payment Method

Pro XTra: Purchase Tracking

Pro XTra: Preferred Pricing