Home Depot

Animated Expertise: A comprehensive look at Home Depot’s Pro XTra Rewards.

Project Brief


We’re proud of this engaging explainer video series crafted exclusively for Home Depot’s Pro XTra program. The objective was clear: build a comprehensive series of videos that helped illuminate their customer rewards program. This project is comprised of a dynamic overview explainer video, and four complementary videos regarding specific rewards in the program.

Harnessing the power of vibrant vector animation, we brought the Pro XTra customers to life. Our primary goal was to create a visual narrative that resonated seamlessly with a diverse audience – from individual hobbyists to business owners overseeing large-scale operations. The infusion of color and movement aimed to captivate viewers and keep them engaged.

Check out the introductory video here, and see the rest of the series in the section below. Curious about transforming your big idea into a compelling video series?  Dive into “The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Video Series” in the section below for valuable insights and inspiration..

Pro XTra: Text2Confirm

Pro XTra: Saving Payment Method

Pro XTra: Purchase Tracking

Pro XTra: Preferred Pricing