Monterey Mushrooms

Project Brief

When it comes to explaining complicated topics like medical insurance, an explainer video takes the pressure off of you and brings clarity to your employees.

Monterey Mushrooms, a company dedicated to enhancing people’s lives, needed a tool for explaining their new medical insurance plan for employees. They wanted an engaging video to tackle the complicated realities of insurance in a way that didn’t feel intimidating to their teammembers: a diverse group speaking 19 languages.

An explainer video was the ideal solution for the task at hand. Custom characters were designed by our in-house illustartors to capture the people-first culture at Monterey, and expert scripting brings to light the most important information about the new plan. With the flexibility of subtitles, translations, and digital distribution, Monterey Mushroom leadership can feel exceptionally confident that each teammate will walk away with a better understanding of their new insurance policy – and a pride in their role at Monterey.

Explainer videos are extremely useful for rolling out new policies, making big announcements, and raising morale.

Animation pairs delightful imagery with language carefully crafted to be accessible and easy-to-understand. The synergy of audio and visual information also helps your message stick with viewers: check out more explainer videos for insurance in this playlist.