Monterey Mushrooms

Project Brief

When it comes to explaining complicated topics like medical insurance, an explainer video takes the pressure off of you and brings clarity to your employees.

Monterey Mushrooms wanted an engaging video to tackle the complicated realities of insurance in a way that didn’t feel intimidating to their teammembers.

An explainer video was the ideal solution for the task at hand. With the ease of distribution and clarity of the video, Monterey Mushroom leadership can feel exceptionally confident that each teammate will walk away with a better understanding of their new insurance policy – and a pride in their role at Monterey.

A GIF showing one of the MM employees in front of mushroom trays, smiling; he is in uniform and does a thumbs up
A still image from the Monterey Mushroom video; the HR representative holds up a book that says 'Your Insurance Policy"
A GIF of the MM employees standing together in uniform by mushroom trays; they smile and wave

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Monterey Mushrooms took advantage the Social Media Package to enhance the impact of this campaign, which was not only about clarifying insurance.

Monterey wanted to express authentic employee pride, and keep this message front of mind by weaving it into a number of locations throughout their internal communications.

The GIFs and high-resolution images on the left, created with the same custom designed characters as Monterey’s video, are custom designed for Monterey Mushrooms variable goals. Content from Social Media Packages can be formatted to fit seamlessly into emails, web pages, social media platforms, and even HR’s email signature.

Explainer videos are extremely useful for rolling out new policies, making big announcements, and raising morale.

Animation pairs delightful imagery with language carefully crafted to be accessible and easy-to-understand.

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